One of the greatest strengths you can develop as a leader is to learn how to relate well to the leaders running alongside you and the leaders serving over you.

Understand and recognize the leadership position you have. Are you part of the pastoral staff as the worship leader? Does the pastor want you to be a part of the larger church leadership team? If you don’t know, then these would be some great questions to start a discussion with your pastor.

One of the greatest strengths you can develop as a leader is to be a servant of others. Click To Tweet
Pastors aren’t holding back God’s presence. They’re seeking Him to the best of their ability and striving to fulfil the vision He gave them. There’s nothing worse than a worship leader who thinks he knows how to lead the church better than the senior pastor. Senior pastors have many challenges, so many time-consuming challenges that we don’t fully understand. We’re there to serve them and the vision they feel God has given them.

Worship leaders: Your job is to serve your pastor and congregation. Click To Tweet

Always give suggestions humbly and if you’re called to be a part of that leadership table, then go for it. But if you don’t fully agree with decisions about vision, purpose, or scheduling, submit to what the larger team has decided.

I’m not saying that all pastors and leaders are perfect—I’m saying that it’s our job as worship leaders to submit and serve the primary shepherds over our church. Of course this goes without saying – as long as what they’re asking you to do is in line with God’s Word.

Let me leave you with a final thought.

I realize that in our culture today this isn’t a very popular topic. Words like submission, serving, and humility can be a challenge as we’re being trained to be more and more entitled. But I encourage you to pursue these two keys to relating better with your pastor:

1. Begin asking God how you can better serve and submit to your pastors and leaders.
2. Do a quick Bible search and see how many verses talk about submitting to leaders and those in authority. (There are a lot!) Pray and ask God to help you put His words into action.

I’d love to hear what you find.

I’m Justin Rizzo. I enable worship leaders who feel isolated, overworked, and unfocused to experience peace, confidence and create thriving worship communities.

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  1. Hi Justin! Thanks for keeping the posts coming! So, I see a gap between the word and the spirit at my church. My Pastor is a strong deliverer of the word but seems to be reluctant to marry the word with Holy Spirit. Ive been leading there for almost 5 years and I get the impression more than a few people are “spooked” by the Holy Ghost concept so we just don’t go there much. You can understand the dilemma this creates for me and those who want to go deeper. I Have had conversations with my Pastor about this, but it wasn’t received real well. I love him but this does not make my job as a leader any easier. I’d appreciate your thoughts?!?

    1. Justin Rizzo

      Hey Rick, thanks so much for your comment and question.

      That’s a unique situation for sure. I’d recommend continuing to serve and honoring the flow your pastor wants to create. Since he’s preaching the Word it’s really hard to go wrong. The Word is living and active. So even though there may not be a specific “holy spirit joining to the Word,” it’s going to happen naturally. Because the Holy Spirit loves the word of God.

      I’d do everything I can to serve my pastor and his wishes, while pressing myself, and my team (if it’s appropriate with the leaderships wishes) into all the Holy Spirit might be speaking and asking of us as a team.

      The Holy Spirit can rest upon any song, phrase, or portion of the service in a tangible way if He chooses. As the worship leader, you’ve been given a large leadership platform at your church to be a conduit to host His presence. “How Great is our God” can host the presence just as much as a spontaneous “holy spirit anointed ‘new song.”‘

      Meekness is a magnet that attracts the presence of God. If you serve and go low, His presence will abide.

      Hope that’s helpful!


  2. John Kennedy

    Love your insights! Submission to authority is a principle seen all through the Bible.

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