I love studying the Bible with my worship team. Spending time discussing and sharing our hearts around the Word is so unifying. However, leading a vibrant study didn’t always come easily to me; like anything else, it’s a learned skill. If you struggle to keep your team Bible study time fresh and engaging, mixing it up with a new approach can be invaluable.

In this series of blogs (starting here), I break down various ways you can study the Bible with your team. Just as every worship team has a different mix of personalities, styles, and preferences, so will every team have a preferred Bible study method. My goal is to give you various options so you can try different approaches and see what works best for your team.

Here are two simple study methods I’ve tried with my team:

Method one: Reading a book together and discussing it chapter by chapter

A few specific books I would recommend reading together as a team include Desiring God by John Piper, The Practice of God’s Presence by Andrew Murray, Life of David by A.W. Pink, The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer, Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon, and The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen. Some other fantastic authors I recommend checking out are Bill Johnson, Francis Chan, Mike Bickle, Dana Candler, and David Platt.


➖ The right kind of book can facilitate great practical discussion.

➖ The corporate journey of going through a book together can be very bonding. Though you’re only meeting for an hour or two to discuss what you read, you are spending multiple hours outside the study reading something that the whole team is investing in.

➖ Reading a book together can open the door to deeper sharing. I’ve found that people are much more open to sharing their hearts when they are asked about practical life application points rather than more technical questions about something they’ve read. It’s helpful as a leader to come prepared with a few application-type questions for your team. Many books even have discussion guides included that can help with this.

Potential Challenges:

➖ This requires your team to actually spend outside time preparing for the Bible study. If people aren’t getting the reading done, you can still include them, but it can become a challenge over time if not everyone is preparing.

➖ Requiring each team member to buy a book could be an obstacle for some, so try to choose something relatively inexpensive, keeping in mind online resources, ebooks, etc.

Method two: Inviting different team members to share on a biblical topic or theme

This is one of my favorite things to do for my team Bible study time. You probably have a few people on your team who wouldn’t have a problem taking a topic or theme from the Bible on which to lead a discussion. Talk to someone on your team a few weeks beforehand and either suggest a topic or ask if there is something he or she would like to share about. Have that team member come prepared to share a maximum of fifteen minutes and then both of you can facilitate a discussion around what was shared.  Not everyone on your team will be comfortable or able to share at a team Bible study. Look for those who are excited to share and hopefully their confidence and example will encourage others to step out.


➖ This option tends to promote great discussion times.

➖ Having a different person sharing each week can be a really nice breather for you.

➖ It gives an opportunity for others on the team to spread their wings and grow in their teaching gift.

➖ With new people sharing, there are different teaching styles (some talk fast, some talk slow, some have incredible clarity, some are processing in flight) and this will not only keep the voice and perspective fresh, but it will also give you the opportunity to help your team members grow by giving feedback and building up their confidence in the process.

Potential Challenge:

➖ Some of the people on your team may not have much experience in facilitating group discussions. You as the leader will likely still need to be involved and ready to support your team member when needed.

Are there any books your team has studied together that you would recommend? What has been your experience having different members of your team lead your study? I’d love you to share some feedback in the comments below on what has worked well for you.

Huge thanks to my friend Jordan Vanderplate for letting me use this photo of Banff National Park. Check out more of his work here.

I’m Justin Rizzo. I enable worship leaders who feel isolated, overworked, and unfocused to experience peace, confidence and create thriving worship communities.

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