Several years ago, while having a conversation with Mike Bickle (the director of IHOP-KC), he encouraged me to do something that would end up being transformational in my calling as a worship leader (really in my entire life).

He told me to begin studying the anointing in my life.

“Ask God and dialogue with Him about how He has specifically anointed you”, he said.

As I began to do this in the days and weeks to come, it would prove to be life-changing for me.

Your anointing is how you’re blessed or empowered. The Bible tells us that all believers, by the power of the Holy Spirit, are anointed to heal the brokenhearted, touch the poor, bring sight to the blind and freedom to captives. But the question is, How has He anointed or gifted you to do that?

For example, do you find that when you sing certain types of songs you connect more with God? Maybe it’s when you play a certain instrument that you find your flow easier. Or maybe you come alive when you compose a cello piece or arrange a choir. Paying attention to these practical things will help you figure out your anointing. Bottom line—ask, “What moves my heart the most when I lead?” Because most of the time when you’re moved, others will be too.

As I started paying attention to how God desired to use me (both when leading on a platform and offstage), I began to understand what Mike was referring to. When you begin to solidify who you are and the way God has gifted (anointed) you, it gives you increased freedom to let go of other things that perhaps you’re not supposed to be pursuing so that you can grow in confidence in what you are supposed to be doing.

This doesn’t mean that you’re locking yourself into one thing and one thing only—it means that you’re maturing and can actually pinpoint some of your strengths. It also doesn’t mean that you should constantly be analyzing yourself and being introspective—it means to simply pay attention to what moves you and the trends that you begin to see.

You can’t earn God’s anointing. It’s something that He has freely given to us and it flows from within as we agree with the Holy Spirit.

Though the anointing can’t be earned, it can be tended to and increased as you spend time with the Anointed One.

Have you ever thought about how God has anointed you? If not, start asking Him today.

I’m Justin Rizzo. I’m a worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist. I want to help you achieve your highest potential and walk out with confidence everything you’ve been made for.

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  1. Karen mitchell

    Excellent,going through a trial right now. Just read Romans 12 & read this & listen to the song. Perfect timing.
    Thank you!

  2. Such a good word. I remember years ago there was grace for me in an area of a certain style of music and I felt the Lord lead me to lead only in guitar for a season. It unlocked an expanded vocal range and style that playing keys just hadn’t. Now, I feel zero on guitar, and am back tot he place I feel the presence the most on keys. In this season, I need to go back to this an meditate upon this again. So good.

  3. I love this! I’ve never pondered this question but I am excited to start a dialogue with God about it right now! I’m coming all too quickly to a new season in my life that has me asking the “what should I do with my life next?” question, so reading this and starting this conversation with God are very timely! Thank you, Justin!

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