Have you ever had those days, weeks, or even months where the challenges with people on your team seem constant? Maybe it’s that one person’s normal mode of action that just bugs you. Or maybe it’s that one guys seeming unwillingness to change even though you’ve asked him to over and over again.

There’s nothing like the responsibility and challenge of leading others to make me see my need for God’s character to be formed in my heart.

There’s nothing like the pressure of leadership that makes me see my need for God. Click To Tweet

The Bible calls the realization of our need for Him being poor in spirit (Mt. 5:3). Did you know that God is actually committed to making you this way? If this is a new concept to you and you’re ready to close this page because I sound crazy, let me share the rest of the verse.

Jesus actually says blessed are the poor in spirit.

Blessed in the original language actually means happy. Jesus is saying that true joy and happiness in life will only be found when you’ve come to the end of yourself and fall freely and rely fully on His strength and power. It’s in the laying down of our own “strength” that He can pick us up and carry us. This is the message of the Gospel.

God really does want you to experience deep, vibrant happiness in your life. Click To Tweet

Why did God set it up this way?
God wants relationship. Not in a go-to-church-on-Sunday kind of way. But in a real, daily, living way. He wants relationship with you in the same way you have relationship with a close friend.

God tells us in Galatians 5:16 to walk in the Spirit (talk to Him) and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. He NEVER says you won’t have the lust of the flesh. God knew what He was doing when He gave you a weak earthen vessel. He wants you fully dependent on Him in a daily, ongoing relationship.

God wants you fully dependent on Him in a daily, ongoing relationship Click To Tweet

Challenges you face as a leader give you two choices: let offense and anger creep in and control you, or run to God and find true happiness.

You won’t win every battle. Sometimes you’ll know the right choice but still stew in your frustration. But the more you run to him, the quicker you’ll get at responding rightly. You’ll get quicker at recognizing the feeling of your lack. You’ll get quicker at turning your thoughts into prayer.

Challenges you face give you two choices: get offended, or run to God and find true happiness. Click To Tweet

I encourage you to talk to God about challenges you are facing on your team. Be honest about the pain and hurt. God’s not waiting for you to have it all figured out before you come to Him. He wants you to come as you are and find true happiness in a life lived in utter dependence upon Him.

Happy are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt. 5:3)

Have you touched this happiness as a leader? I’d love to hear from you.

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I’m Justin Rizzo. I enable worship leaders who feel isolated, overworked, and unfocused to experience peace, confidence and create thriving worship communities.

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