If you want a healthy team you have to make time to build healthy people.

If you focus on building your ministry, prayer room, or worship team without building and investing in people, you are in danger of your team burning out. Don’t underestimate the importance of real human relationships in the midst of your ministry assignments.

Without deep, authentic relationships, a team feels less like a family and more like a vocation. Isolation leads to loneliness and produces a group of individuals each tending to their own tasks rather than a cohesive team ministering as a unit. Simply put, we all need the encouragement and camaraderie that only our teammates can provide.

If you want a healthy team you have to make time to build healthy people. Click To Tweet

Have you ever considered why a 4X100m relay record is faster than four times the 100m record? The relay is accomplished by a team of runners, each passing a baton to the next. Instead of each runner starting from zero and having to build up speed on his own, each takes advantage of momentum and builds on the efforts of the ones before him.

The same concepts can apply to community in the context of a worship team. We run farther and faster when we run together. There is security in community; where I am weak, my teammate is strong and vice-versa. When one falls down, the others pick him up.

Burnout is avoided when we have a group of like-minded companions spurring each other on, like iron sharpening iron. The fact that we work better in community is not a sign of weakness; but rather a sign of great strength.

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Community is Essential for a Healthy, Thriving Team
Build people up and you are on your way to having a healthy, thriving team.

As I began making time for and investing into people on my team, I saw individuals begin to thrive and thus, our team began to thrive at a whole new level.

In my early days, worship leading for me was all about what happened on the platform. Of course, that’s a huge part of it, but I left the community building on our team to chance. I assumed that community would just happen naturally and that I didn’t need to be a part of facilitating it.

Of course, some community will naturally form without you facilitating it. And your team may even seem fine hanging out without you most of the time. But to build a healthy team for the long haul, the worship leader needs to be involved in and a part of facilitating community time.

The worship leader needs to be involved in facilitating team community times. Click To Tweet

How’s the community on your team? Have you ever been where I was? Maybe you’re there right now. I’d love to hear from you.

You may want to check out How to Cultivate Authentic Community on a Worship Team for practical tips on how to build community on your team.

I’m Justin Rizzo. I enable worship leaders who feel isolated, overworked, and unfocused to experience peace, confidence and create thriving worship communities.

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  1. Angela Smith

    Dear Justin,
    Thank you so much for these nuggets of wisdom. I’ve been reading your blog since returning from OneThing in December and have been refreshed and inspired by the practical and Spirit-infused insights you offer.
    I am a worship leader and work at a non-profit Messianic ministry, and am super grateful that what you share applies to all facets of ministry and life in Christ.
    Thank you for sharing these treasures at no charge!
    May the Lord abundantly bless you, your family and all you serve alongside!

    1. Justin Rizzo

      Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing, Angela. So glad it’s encouraging!

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