Desperation for the presence of God.

I feel like this has become almost offensive to talk about in some circles.

“He’s always with you.”

“Why are you asking for Him to come? He’s already here.”

Now, I believe the Bible, and I believe the Bible makes it clear that these realities and statements are true.

I’ve said them and continue to say them both on and off the platform.

But you cannot negate the other reality the Bible talks a lot about.


Spiritual hunger.

If you're actually desiring His presence today, that's a sign that the Holy Spirit is at work in you. Click To Tweet

Hunger and desperation for God aren’t negative.

They are a gift.

The Bible actually says you are BLESSED if you hunger.

If you’re actually desiring His presence today, that’s a sign that the Holy Spirit (who never leaves you) is at work in you.

Don’t run from it. Don’t just try and declare your way out of it.

Embrace it. Let it lead you to Him. Let it lead you to LOVE.

Faith ⬅️➕➡️ Desperate Hunger.

We’re called to walk in and hold both of these realities not as conflicting views, but as a harmonious symphony that is the Christian walk.

Would love to hear if you can relate to this post.

Huge thanks to my friend Jordan Vanderplate for letting me use this photo of Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO. Check out more of his work here.

I’m Justin Rizzo. I enable worship leaders who feel isolated, overworked, and unfocused to experience peace, confidence and create thriving worship communities.

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  1. Batsirai Chada

    Most tensions are embraced when we understand two seeming conflicting views can be “both – and”.

    I think the backlash against “hunger/chase/thirst’ language – is the language and the perspective it instills.
    That of separation from God, and that there is more of God for us to reach for/grasp for… vs we already have everything – we just don’t know it to the full extent.
    Like children on Christmas morning – yes we “hunger”/ we can’t wait to open gifts that are already ours… purchased & wrapped before we ever woke up.
    “Both – And”

    So yes – eagerly desire by the Spirit of God greater wisdom, knowledge and revelation of His presence, power and Person… but we are now in Christ, needing more awareness of the reality of that vs. living next to Christ – hoping to get a bit closer…

    Union with Christ makes sense of all these tensions – but as humans – we like having something to do, to build, to accomplish… that sense that if I spend more time with him, I will have more of Him… and its actually true… just like in any relationship… but its even more true that we are as close as we can ever be – we just need our internal/mental reality to realize what our spirit knows very well. Hunger is perhaps better interpreted as “open my eyes wider God to see your reality, that I might know You more”…. vs “give me more of You that you are obviously withholding until I jump through some hoop.”

    I want to know You more… vs I want to have more of You. (so slight but so different… and the downstream implications of our theology are profound)

    1. Justin Rizzo

      Great insights, Batsirai. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Daniel Williams

    Very good Justin!
    Love how you brought out an overlooked distinction of hunger, desperation actually being a gift. Without the gift of hunger, whatever we’re doing just isnt sustainable. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Rick Shahin

    Hi Justin blessings God has been dealing with the desire to be who I am the Love of God. My Hunger is for the love of God to permeate my soul and my heart to be changed to Love. Then I can is see how his will and heaven operate together for through the lens of love all truth is perfected.

  4. Cassidy Campbell

    Bro, IT IS A GIFT! I was just having this conversation the other day. I use to view hunger as a sign of MY lack of God. I would think there was something wrong with me! Then someone pointed me to the reality that the hunger, the ache, was actually a gift from the Lord, answers to the prayers I had been praying to hear him more, see him more, and encounter him more. Great words today!

  5. This is so good! I never knew how to explain this to anyone before. I’ve been confronted about it by well-meaning people.

    “He’s already poured out His Spirit.”

    “You already have the fullness of God inside you, if you really understood that you wouldn’t be asking for more of Him.”

    “You shouldn’t say He’s amazing, because His works shouldn’t surprise you if you’re truly expecting.”

    Yet the more I experience Him the louder my soul cries, “Come! I want more of You!”. Everything He does amazes me no matter how many times I expect Him to move. (And I’m sorry, but if we can’t say God is amazing…?! What CAN we say?? “My soul sings, Lord, You’re so capable!”) The more He pours out, the deeper the yearning for Him goes.

    So, yes, this is hunger! And it’s biblical! Thank you for writing this, I am elated to have this settled in my heart.

  6. I embrace hunger for Him. I have had people prayed for my hunger. And it grew.
    Now I’m praying for hunger for my congregation.
    For Him, for the H.G., for prayer – still small today. But we need this hunger.
    Otherwise we are lukewarm. Therefore, faith and hunger go together, like you said.

    Your thoughts trigger my soul, Justin. Thanks a lot. Yes, hunger is a gift from God.
    You know what, I found out that boredom is so useful to let hunger arise. (To some extent.)
    So I recommend not to fill up the day in order to receive & feel one’s hunger.

    Your topic flares up my hunger. Thanks for this , too.
    Blessings to all.

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